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Rodney Parham: (501)661-0336

Kanis: (501)221-6009

What We Treat


Orthopedic rehabilitation is a therapeutic approach to recovery, the purpose of which is to correct musculoskeletal limitations and alleviate pain from trauma, illness, or surgery.

Sports Injuries

Sports injury rehabilitation is the restoration of optimal form and function following a sports injury. For older athletes in particular, it can be the key to living a fulfilling life. 

Workplace Injuries

Our team specializes in helping individuals who have been injured at work find long-term relief from their pain and other symptoms and recover from their injuries so they can return to work and a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Post Operative Surgery Treatment

The ultimate goal of post-surgery rehab is to increase endurance, strength and flexibility. Any post-operative exercises should be overseen by the care of a licensed physical therapist.

Darby is a gifted individual who shows love through healing people physically, mentally and emotionally. He and his staff got me through Back and Bi-Lateral hip surgery recoveries to back to walking again. 

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