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Darby Brighton

Licensed Physical Therapist, Owner

Darby is a licensed physical therapist. He received a Master's in Physical Therapy from the University of Central Arkansas in 1996. He owns and runs Innovative Spine Rehab right here in Little Rock, and has over 20 years of experience in the science of rehabilitation. Darby is also a veteran of the Little Rock Marathon and a competitor in Mixed Martial Arts and boxing.

Lindsey O'Daniel

Office Manager

Lindsey O'Daniel describes herself as "Darby's brain". She is the Innovative Spine Rehab office manager. Lindsey has a secret: "Me and Darby are best friends, but he only admits it every other week." Lindsey is a dog person. Her chocolate lab, Governor, is a duck school graduate and one of her cuddle buddies (she has several dogs). Lindsey's favorite stretch is the frog stretch. "It's not something we use often at the clinic, but it sure gives me a stretch right where I need it on my bad hip!"

Derek Birginske

Physical Therapy Assistant

If you want to know what makes Derek tick, that's easy-it is his family! Derek and Meredith are the proud parents of young Beckett. They are looking forward to raising their son, and we bet he will play baseball one day, just like his Dad. Derek played ball for the Arkansas State RedWolves as an outfielder and right-handed pitcher. Number 30 brings his experience on the field into the physical therapy practice. He understands sports injuries and rehab from personal experience. And he enjoys working with people and helping them regain strength and function. He says coming to work for Darby and Innovative Spine Rehab is one of the best things that has ever happened to him.

Derrick Nelson

Therapy Technician

Derrick Nelson is a therapy technician at Innovative Spine Rehab. He says going to work at ISR is the best thing that has happened to him this year. He describes himself as a very family-oriented guy, one who appreciates waking up "not hurting" everyday. He understands that atmosphere in a physical therapy practice is critical to the healing and comfort of those who choose the team at ISR for their care. "The staff makes each person feel special and wanted. Individualized care is what you will get at Innovative Spine Rehab." Want Derrick to surprise you? Ask him about his music playlist! 

Qinqing Yang

Physical Therapist

Bio coming soon.

Lauren Ryan

Physical Therapy Assistant

Lauren Ryan is a physical therapy assistant. She enjoys working with patients and watching them improve and achieve their PT goals. She enjoys learning from her co-workers and the positive and uplifting, patient centered environment at ISR. When Lauren is not working, she enjoys hiking, drawing and hanging out with her friends, including Dallas, her mini Yorkie. Lauren is a prolific quilter! 

Fun fact about Lauren: she was the Logan County Rodeo Queen and a former competitive barrel racer.

Kimberley Cole


Bio coming soon.

Casey Rochelle 


Casey is a receptionist and new face at Innovative Spine Rehab. Casey loves a good, clean, and loving atmosphere and by far, ISR has it all. She loves to help and assists patients in any way possible, leaving them with a smile on their face and in their hearts. Casey has worked in the physical therapy world for years and states that the most rewarding part about physical therapy is seeing patients receive healthy healing they really need. Joining Darby and the Innovative Spine Rehab team has been the best move this year! 

Meet The Team

"I do what I do, because we're suppose to take care of people.  That's my ministry."

- Darby Brighton - 

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